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Version: PM4

Plugin Structure

To make a PocketMine-MP plugin, you need a structure for your plugin. You can generate them automatically using DevTools or make your own plugin structure.

Generating Automatically

Start your PocketMine-MP server and type the command below in the console to create a plugin structure automatically:

genplugin <YourPluginName> <YourName>

Note: Don't use / when typing commands in console!

It will generate a folder that is named your plugin name inside the plugins folder where your server is located. Inside it you have all the essential files and folders for your plugin.

Making Manually

In your PocketMine-MP server folder, you would find a folder called plugins in there create a new folder and that folder will be your plugin, rename that folder to your plugin name, we will be renaming it to TestPlugin.

In the plugin folder or TestPlugin create a file named plugin.yml and a folder named src.

Now your file structure should look like this:

├── plugin.yml
└── src

* Pocketmine-Server is the folder where you have your server setup at.

Now you've made a structure for your PocketMine-MP plugin! In the next page, you'll learn how to configure plugin.yml file to give your plugin a name, version, author, and much more!

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