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Version: PM3

Handling Transaction

of course, we have to add the "use" statement first

use muqsit\invmenu\transaction\InvMenuTransaction;
use muqsit\invmenu\transaction\InvMenuTransactionResult;
use pocketmine\item\Item;

To handle item transactions happening to and from the menu's inventory, you may specify a Closure handler that gets triggered by InvMenu every time a transaction occurs. You may allow, cancel and do other things within this handler. To register a transaction handler to a menu, use:

$menu->setListener(function(InvMenuTransaction $transaction) : InvMenuTransactionResult{
$player = $transaction->getPlayer(); // returns the "Player" that triggered the transaction

$itemClicked = $transaction->getItemClicked(); // returns the "Item" the player clicked in the menu.

$itemClickedWith = $transaction->getItemClickedWith(); // returns the "Item" the player had in their hand when clicking an item.

$action = $transaction->getAction(); // returns a "SlotChangeAction" instance, to get the slot index of the item clicked from the menu's inventory.

$inv_transaction = $transaction->getTransaction(); // returns the complete "InventoryTransaction" instance.

return $transaction->continue(); //To Continue the Transaction


$menu->setListener(function(InvMenuTransaction $transaction) : InvMenuTransactionResult{
$itemClicked = $transaction->getItemClicked();
$player = $transaction->getPlayer();
if($itemClicked->getId() === Item::DIAMOND){
$player->sendMessage("Yeah, You Got Diamond");
return $transaction->discard(); //To Cancel The Transaction
return $transaction->continue(); //To Continue The Transaction

The example above shows that if the player moves his diamond, the player will get a diamond and send a message "Yeah, You Got Diamond"

To forcefully close or remove the menu from a player, you can use